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AP 0614: How Can I Get More Views for My Video Podcast?

Today’s question comes from David, who has a question about YouTube. How can he get more traffic to his videos? David’s site is http://bartenderhq.com/. To enter to win an AskPat t-shirt, use #AskPat614 in a tweet by June 3, 2016. In this episode, I discuss the Mixergy podcast (https://mixergy.com/interviews/) and Eventual Millionaire (http://eventualmillionaire.com/blog/). Do you […]

AP 0687: How Do I Create a Video Podcast?

Today’s question comes from Cynthia, who has a huge backlog of YouTube videos. How can she turn these videos into a podcast? Cynthia’s site is http://signbabysign.org/. For audio podcasts, check out my podcasting tutorial (http://www.podcastingtutorial.com). For hosting, my favorite audio hosts are Libysn (http://www.libsyn.com) and Buzzsprout (http://www.buzzsprout.com); my favorite video podcast host is Podbean (http://www.podbean.com). […]

AP 0563: Can My Video Podcast Double as an Audio Podcast?

Today’s question comes from Molly, who asks about video podcasting. She has started a video podcast, but is wondering if she can also make it an audio podcast. Molly’s site is http://thepreparedperformer.com/. Molly mentions my video podcast, SPI TV (https://www.youtube.com/user/smartpassiveincome). Do you have a question about video podcasting? Record it at http://www.askpat.com/. Today’s sponsor is […]

AP 0334: What Tools Should I Use To Record A Video Podcast?

Today’s question comes from Kara, who has an audio podcast and is considering starting a video podcast. Which tools should she use to record her video podcast? Kara’s site is http://www.morningcooldown.com/. To learn about RSS feeds, go to my podcasting tutorial (http://podcastingtutorial.com). For video editing, I recommend Screenflow on Mac (http://www.telestream.net/screenflow/overview.htm) and Camtasia on a […]