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Stoner MacGyver product review – Aqua Lab Technologies mini showerhead vapor tube

This week’s Stoner MacGyver medical marijuana product review from Westword’s medical marijuana dispensary critic William Breathes of the Aqua Lab Technologies mini showerhead vapor tube, blown by artist Dirty Rico out of Washington. Likes: 0 Viewed: source

Linda reviews the Spillproof Pocket Bubbler from Mutiny Glass Werkz

A spillproof bubbler? Yes, and pocket-sized too!  This is a really awesome pipe made by Mutiny Glass Werkz in Portland, OR and sold by Brothers with Glass.  I love how easy this piece is to use and that I don’t have to worry about the water spilling out anywhere.  Small like a spoon piece, but […]

Linda reviews the EasyVape EZV digital vaporizer

Hey all! This is a pretty decent box vape called the EasyVape EZV. Digital output with the current temp and temperature you want to set it at including a handy light on the heating element. Very simple, easy to use, with a great medicated effect 😀 Check it out! Get yours at HealthVapor.com! See all […]