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UNCLE BOSSCOS BEER HOUSE#10b cannabis brew review

UNCLE BOSSCOS BEER HOUSE#10b cannabis brew review ——–quick shot——– episode #10 here http://youtu.be/eqv9DhnRn44 camera editing direction production F/X ALL audio/vid M. Alan Warren My name is Matt Warren thanx for watching channel: earth-1 productions all audio/music and video rights M. Alan Warren 2014 no product mentioned or used constitutes any kind of paid placement and […]

Prohibition in the United States

Prohibition in the early to mid-20th century was fueled by the Protestant denominations in the United States.Pietistic churches in the United States sought to end drinking and the saloon culture during the Third Party System. Liturgical ("high") churches (Catholic, Episcopal, and German Lutheran) opposed prohibition laws because they did not want the government redefining morality […]