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1947: When Now Begins and the best books of 2017 – books podcast

On this week’s show, Sian sits down with Swedish journalist and writer Elisabeth Åsbrink to discuss her book 1947: When Now Begins, examining the complicated and interesting ways the events of that year affect the world we know today. That year, the world witnessed an unprecedented movement of refugees after the second world war. The […]

Best books of 2013 with Hermione Lee and Patrick Barkham – podcast

We round up the pick of this year’s titles for adults and grown-ups alike, and hear from the biographer Hermione Lee as well as the nature writer Patrick BarkhamClaire ArmitsteadHermione LeePatrick BarkhamRobert McCrumJulia EccleshareRichard LeaMichelle PauliLindesay IrvineTim Maby Dec 05, 2013 Source by Guardian Books podcast

Out takes and best bits from the show (BookD Podcast)

Something we stumbled across in the editing suite – guests on this little audio bite include author Lindsey Kelk and her response to a fan when asking how to maintain a strong bladder, comedian Joe Bor explaining his worst heckler, actor Stephen Mangan takes us back to his first experience of the stage, film star […]

What was it like growing up with Diana Wynne Jones? (BookD Podcast)

“What a laugh she had, my god she was wonderful” Ursula Jones appears on this week’s show to talk about her relationship with older sister, Diana Wynne Jones. Diana passed away in 2011 leaving an incredible legacy behind. Her stories for Children conjured such depth and breadth for millions all over the globe. Ursula recounts […]

NEUROPOLITICS: The Sociobiology of Human Metamorphosis by Timothy Leary

This is the cover of the first edition of a book Timothy Leary wrote that collects various articles he wrote for publications like the National Review, High Times, Oui Magazine, Playboy and the L-5 Newsletter. It was published in 1977 by Starseed and Peace Press, Inc.. This book is a good example of a pioneer […]