Social Media Cannabis Communities

Below we have listed a few of our favorite subreddits, channels, boards. We are active on these platforms. Check us out and join the cannabis community. Social media has changed how we connect, share and express free thought. For example on YouTube, you can learn valuable information on growing techniques, hash extraction methods, glass blowing and more. The challenging part of having a free and open platform, it makes it difficult to sift though the useless information to find the gold. Two of our favorite cannabis educator’s are Urban Remo & Bubbleman’s World. Remo grows some phenomenal flower, and Bubbleman’s World is arguable one of the best bubble hash extractor’s in the world. His patented bubble bag’s are crucial to any cannabis extraction professional. We urge you to check out Urban Remo & Bubbleman’s World.

Google Search Trends for Cannabis

Social media platforms facilitate the ability for two people to almost instantaneously exchange thoughts from anywhere in the world. As you can see from the search trends provided through Google, more people are interested in cannabis and are identified by their keyword usage. Just in the last ten years, cannabis related keywords have been on the rise. More people are discovering the positive effects of cannabis and are interested to learn more about the power of the flower. Worldwide cannabis use will continue to be on the rise in the future, and will become increasingly more interesting to follow as trends within the cannabis community rise and fall. The rise of the concentrate community has contributed to a significant rise in keyword searches like “titanium nail”, “ceramic nail”, “quartz banger”. Popularity in these keyword searches hit its peak on December 14, 2014, and has since remained steady since. Within the short amount of time that concentrate use hit a all time high, there was a significant drop off in searches for ceramic and titanium products. A significant amount of concentrate users switched from titanium and ceramic to quartz. Quartz became the favorite among dabbers because of the flavor you retain from each hit.The maintenance for quartz bangers is fairly simple and maintains its structural integrity better than ceramic and titanium alternatives. The rise of carb capping use is reflected through its rise in searches through Google. More dabbers prefer to use the carb cap tool, as a way to optimize airflow, and ease of use.