DC Medical Marijuana Card

Where to get your DC Medical Marijuana Card?

The Department of Health, in Washington DC administer the local medical marijuana program. There are a few qualification’s to become a perspective medical marijuana patient in Washington DC. The first qualification to obtaining your DC Medical Marijuana Card is you need a written recommendation from your primary care doctor. The medical marijuana recommendation must be signed & dated and must by accompanied with the doctor’s license number. If you are interested in obtaining your very own DC Medical Marijuana Card, here is a link to the DOH website http://doh.dc.gov/service/medical-marijuana-program. Once you have obtained your valid medical marijuana card you can visit one of the four local dispensaries. Any valid medical marijuana card from a state with a participating medical marijuana program can refill their prescriptions at one of the dispensaries located in Washington, DC. Our local neighboring visitors and local residents, can both refill their medical marijuana prescriptions at one of dispensaries. If you are not eligible to obtain your medical marijuana programs, there are plenty of Initiative 71, complaint Daily DC Marijuana Events to choose from. You can check out the monthly run down of Cannabis events in Washington DC, here.