DC Cannabis Clubs, Collectives & Co-Ops

Initiative 71, makes exchanging marijuana tricky because without having recreational marijuana shops, cannabis users have to find DC marijuana vendor events. Finding local DC marijuana events has never been easier with the DC Marijuana Event Calendar. Our goal is to connect local DC residents and neighboring travelers with high quality cannabis vendors. Being an cannabis enthusiasts, of course you only want high quality product. Find high quality cannabis from local DC growers is one way to find consistent marijuana in DC. DC Clubs, Collectives & Co-Ops, are groups of local DC marijuana information. These groups have extensive knowledge, joining a local DC cannabis is a good way to not only connect but learn from the local community. If you have a DC Cannabis Club, Collective & Co-op, send us a message and we’ll be in touch.

King Weedy Cannabis Collective

DC Cannabis Co-op Club

Pharmer Millers Organic Collective

Premium DC Donor Collective