Roz Mcarthy Speaks About Amendment 2, What The Hold Up Is In FL & The SECC Expo

The news that Florida passed Amendment 2, rumbled throughout the South like an 808.

For the people of Florida to vote overwhelmingly for qualified patients to be able to gain access to cannabis for medical purposes was a not a huge win for patients and an even bigger win for States near to Florida. That win showed that Southern states were going to need a permanent seat at the cannabis table.

6 months into the year and the Florida MMj program looks like it’s up in the air, with patients and business owners wondering what will happen next? Rather than ponder what could happen, I felt that we should ask somebody who was on the ground.

We asked our friend Roz McCarthy to come on the show and speak about what’s going on in Florida. She is the founder of Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana. Her group was very hands on when it came to lobbying for Amendment 2 passed.

She spoke to us about what has developed in Florida since the vote, what’s the real hold up, how long before the Florida market is ready to go and the Southeast Cannabis Conference + Expo.

Source by Cash Color Cannabis Podcast