after beheading soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich. Mark David Townley now on-his-own in British Prison can shag any Monsanto GMO fed inmate and convert ‘em to Islam, he’s prayers is answered. What he needs more. Who’s the loser here? Prince Harry of course!

after beheading soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich. Mark David Townley now on-his-own in British Prison can shag any Monsanto GMO fed inmate and convert ‘em to Islam, he’s prayers is answered. What he needs more. Who’s the loser here? Prince Harry of course!

Before being ‘Ashraf Islam’ who’s he anyway? [A worthless Irish road kill] who was born Mark David Townley in Belfast but changed his name by deed poll, has previous convictions for dishonesty and for involvement in an attempted robbery. Now he will go down the history as the Terrorist who devastated the Reptilian House of Windsor. Why Mark David Townley would kill Prince Harry? Your answer ain’t published yet. That’s what I like to read on this breaking. Here’s the deal… He’s thrown in prison for 3 years because he’s an Irish shoplifter who changed his name from Decent Catholic name Mark David Townley to awful Paki name Ashraf Islam and shouted: “Allahu-Akbar am gonna kill Prince Harry”that’s a day after beheading soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich. Mark David Townley now on-his-own in British Prison can shag any Monsanto GMO fed inmate and convert ‘em to Islam, he’s prayers is answered. What he needs more. Who’s the loser here? Prince Harry of course! He should give Mark David Townley more attention…
No one dare to publish Real Indian bankruptcy lest their equity lent to failing Thugocracies evaporates, they ain’t shoot themselves in the foot. They’re Partners-N-Crime. As long as Congress & BJP hounds own the minds of the streets the Seigniorage Banksters Sharia Scam will prevail.
Here comes the‘Bankruptcy Clown’ Vijay Mallya. India ain’t Hindustan as yet it’s a Mickey Mouse British Colony. As a distant Arab I am amused to notice that even the Zionist Holocaustphile Film Director Steven Spielberg admired Ambani burning away his Indian loots into failing movie dreams in Hollywood. Ambani is getting poor Indian consumers pay his losses in Hollywood. Now I know why Mukesh Ambani was trying to sell Indian hydrocarbon reserves in the Arabian Sea to Oman. He’s f✡ckedup. If Kejriwal ain’t let Mukesh Ambani jack gas prices Congress & BJP will rig the whole economy to evaporate poor people saving to rescue Mukesh Ambani. Guess what? Mukesh Ambani is suing Kejriwal for ain’t letting ‘em loot India. I am so scared. Kejriwal is too vulnerable to govern India he might get shot in the head by the underworld. Kejriwal is very PATRIOT but NAÏVE. [Kejriwal bhut joshi aur boola hein]. 66 years of indecency; Congress & BJP sold India’s commonwealth to thugs to stay in power. Congress & BJP ordered RBI to print trillions of rupees outta thin air to bailout failing thugs. Corrupt Parliament, Bribed Chief Ministers, Underpaid Police, nesting Army and Indian Kangaroo Mock Court in which law doctrine & integrity insulted and tainted justice let thugs loot the nation right and left at daylight. Kejriwal is too little to stop hydrocarbon price hike. India needs an Arabspring-type tsunami to survive. India is run by GHONDHAS as Modi, Sharad, Lalu, Sonia, Dawood not Anna. May god have mercy on poor people’s souls. Kejriwal next raid must be Lakshmi Mittal. Congress & BJP doled to Lakshmi Mittal 66 years of Indo-Soviet Trade Reserve’s Trillions of Indian rupee to become World Steel Mogul. Money ain’t grow on trees no mo. It’s printed outta thin air by RBI for speculating Gondhas waste elsewhere and let poor Indians pay for their scr✡wups. Don’t flag this as offensive comment. Removing this ain’t stopping Mukesh Ambani, Lakshmi Mittal and Congress & BJP Thugocracies loot Indians.,‎,,xurzl,,,,,veerappa-moily,veerappa,,truthdive,trending,‎,,‎,,times-now,,the-times-of-india,the,ewshour-debate,the-new-indian-express,,the-indian-express,,the-hindu,‎,the-hans-india,the-financial-express,,,tehelka,‎,,,sucheta-dalal,steven-spielberg,,sify,shubhanshu-sharma,serve-defamation-notice,scoundrel-anil-&,ukesh-ambani-kejriwal,sanjayjha-idiot,salman-khurshid,,rt,ril,reuters,reliance-delhi-kejriwal-mukesh-ambani,,,ranjan,rahul-[gandhi]-modi-contenders,prashant-bhushan,prashant-bhushan‎,post.jagran.compatheos,petroleum,minister-veerappa-moily,,patheos,,pageloksatta,‎,,,nitin-gadkari,,,,,,‎,,‎,,,‎,ndtv,nda,narendra-modi-mukesh-ambani,nairita-das,murli-deora,mukesh-ambani,,,,moily-mukesh-ambani-fir-‎,moily-deora-mukesh‎,milind-deora,,,,,lokpal,,,leaked-fb-conversation,kya-congress-mukesh-ambani-ki-dukaan-hai-arvind-kejriwal,kumar.sinha,krishna-godavri-basin,kq-groups-iac‎,kejriwalsmukesh-ambani-com‎,kejriwals-ambani-expos‎,kejriwalmukesh-ambanifire-‎,kejriwalmukesh-ambani-‎,kejriwalfirmukesh-ambani‎,kejriwal-bombshell,kejriwal,,julia-dutta,jay-b,,,,inooz,,,,indian-revenue-serviceirs,,,,india-infoline,,,,,ibnliverealtime,,,iac,iac,hindustan-times-‎,,hans-india,,,grkrgs,,gas-pricing,,,fir-kejriwal-mukesh-ambani,fir-against-moily-deo‎,fir,,‎,,,egom,,delhi-cm,,deccan-herald,dainik-bhaskar,,dailymotion,,daijiworld-media,,daijiworld,crony-capitalism,crony-capitalism,,cnn-ibn,,churumuri,,‎,business-standard,,,billionaire-mukesh-ambani-reliance,,biharwatch,beingprabhu,bailout-deal-for-the,ayeshea-perera,,arvind-kejriwal-rebel-without-a-pause-‎,Arvind,anwesha-bose,anti-corruption-crusader,,andhra,ajith-vijay-kumar,aap,,,aam-aadmi-

‘The Change’ is Obama’s first immigration action since the State of the Union to use more executive directives. Now Dumbdown. Girls! If ‘The change’ doesn’t specifically address "freedom fighters" who fought Thugocracies, including rebels who led revolts in Arab Spring uprisings. Then it’s perfect for traitors who aided Obama to shag their own countries and devastate their own people to win green card. These ungrateful hyenas fled our sewers to surface in Tiffany’s, sucking-in American Generosities, DECIVILIZING Neighborhoods and turning UTOPIAS to slums where they used to belong. They feel homesick when they’re in Time Square or Broadway. Morteza Assadi of Northern Virginia metaphor is representative specimen.

REPLYING SHARIA UNVEILED: Last week you were accusing Muslims killing Cats & Dogs of Malta. Dumbass! Here’s the deal Bitch! Swedish Muslims actually inspired by the goood ol’“DD” David Duke the Grand Wizard of Knights of KU-KLUX-KLAN who would skew your USDA-Subsidized-Kibbutz-FATASS on Kerosene Flame; lynch you from your Hasidic Magein David Reeky Rectum on Fiery Cross. The goood ol! “DD” will Barbeque you for free. It’s “DD” Obsession to Relief USA from All-Time-Liability State of Israel and the CHOSEN ONES who murdered JESUS. Jews are DECIVILIZING & DISINTEGRATING the whole world to survive. . Go ahead and disable the above reblogg button. I got my own. I am reblogging it anyway. Watch it on your reader.
Israelis are blessed using GCC cash surplus to conduct any research and commit any crime. NRI shed $100B outta GCC to waste. Guess where. Here’s the deal.. If The Nanostim device made by Zionists of St Jude Medical and Vivek Reddy were allowed by Israelifirster of Mount Sinai Hospital to implant The device in his first prey. Then it’s a crude propaganda to grab the headlines of 1.6B Indian victims who gonna collect money to implant the pacemaker for their love ones who knockout their arteries eating Masala Dosa and Karai Gosht. St Jude Medical ain’t allow Chinese doctor to implant their Nanostim device lest he clones it and sell it in flea market at dirt cheap price. hahaha“An Indian-origin doctor in the US has implanted the first miniature-sized, leadless cardiac pacemaker directly inside a patient’s heart without surgery” MY ✡SS!

Morsi played Gandhi fired Tantawi to hire SeeSee because he was praying five times. SeeSee stopped praying and overthrow Morsi. MBH wasted time foreplaying pacifists. MBH got to clinch 2nd amendment to save Egypt that’s flushed through the drain by Egyptian Junta as we speak.
Listening to Modi burbling on "Fake Encounter" with facts of 2009 Lok Sabha election in his constituency as courting Lalu Prasad in dishonesty counting Bihar’s buffalos.
REPLYING JANET LEVY OF WESTERN FREE PRESS REBLOGGED BY COUNTERJIHAD! You’re too Jewish to outfox an Idiot. Quit bitching clever conversation. You lost your Fuck-O-Shima Argument as you offered Mohammed Magid a metaphor. Muslims will aid the ‘devil’ bomb Karbala than bombing Boston for Iran. It’s a 1430 years old war. Iran is Islam enemy number one. I would worthy the worthless if I ever credit Iranians fiddling with Power Grid. They’re petty urban parasite who fled our sewers and surfaced at Tiffany’s, sucking-in American generosities, decivilizing neiborhoods and turning utopias to slums. Fox-News Zombies, Teeebaagerzz and Kochsucker Preppers sport shooting at grid towers. Barry Goldwater was right when he described ‘clueless causeless patriots. ‘They gun down anything moving just to get noticed’. Jesse Ventura is very handy if invited to fortify JANET LEVY fiction he can easily use drone hoax to crow about Iran’s fuckups. Go ahead and disable the above reblogg button. I got my own. I am reblogging it anyway. Watch it on your reader.,adam-kredo,alamongordo,,alex-jones,allen-west,american-blackout,,apostacy,arutz-sheva,,,attack-machineterrorism,,ayatollah-ali-khamenei,ben-swann,,,boston-bombing,boston-massachusetts,,bostonglobe,,Breitbart,,bret-stephens,bunker-busting-tactical,bushehr-nuclear-facility,cabbala-of-power,,,clarion-projectwebinars,,codenamed-champ,comets,,,conspiracies,,cuddy-dennis‎,cyber-pearl-harbor,daily-beast,dave-hodges,deadly-boston-marathon-bombing,dr-dennis-cuddy,,,,,,,fukushima,,gertzfile-‎,,gigantic-sinkholes,gilad-atzmongilad-atzmon,global-cyberwar-‎,,,,grid-ex-ii,grid-ex-iitrapper-talk,grid-ex-ii-and-martial-law,grid-ex-ii-martial-law,,,hspirecentnews.cfm‎,‎,ieee-spectrum,iranian-cyber-atta‎,,jesse-ventura,jihadi-sleeper-cells,‎,joel-pollak,john-kimber,,judge-jeanine-pirro,karl-marx-treatment-center,keye‑tv,,ksworldnetdaily,,massive-power-grid-blackout,matt-freeman-scouras,metcalf-power,michael-haydeniran-a-step-closer-to,having-nukes,michael-ramirez,ncrenegade,,netanyah‎,‎,newse‎,newsmax-media,,,,,,‎,,,,,quibb,,radiation-inetseries-nthrtsnnwo,,,samantha-power,shamirspiritual,,,,,,sreaves,,,stephen-lendman,stevelendmanblog,stuxnet,tag-gigantic-sinkholes,,,the-big,the-boston-globe,the-common,the-computer-worm,the-daily-beast,the-daily-sheeplethe-daily-telegraph,the-gertz-file,the-hill,the-intelligence-news,the-times-of-israel,the-truthseeker,the-vatic-project,the-wall-street-journal,the-washington-times,the-weeping-eagle,,,,,,,,,,thesleuthjournal,,,‎,,,,,trappingtrapper,u-s-sabotaged,us-power-grid,,veterans-today,,,vulnerability,‎,,,,westboro-baptist-church,‎,,worldnetdaily,,,,ynetnews,,

REPLYING Uprooted Palestinians: You’re too dumb to be an Arab toying with GoogledJunk to hit headlines. Give more Pork. Mossad ain’t but Bunch of East European urban rejects, Fatass Kibitzer Looosers who masters kicking [your] Palestinian Traitors’ buttocks in Israel. Obama failed to fulfill the wish of Iran to sack Bahrain’s Prime Minister who’s butchering Bahraini Shiite as we speak. Bahrain’s Midget Kingling begged Abbas to exploit Shimon Perez DC connections to override White House rally and keep Bahrain’s Prime Minister Midget Kindling’s Uncle in Power. Go ahead and disable the above reblogg button. I got my own. I am reblogging it anyway. Watch it on your reader.

What would you call Filipino Bakla dressed marine posing for DoD camera Honduras? Freedom Fighter. Oh No. try harder. Queeeeeers!
French troops enjoyed watching scenes of absolute horror. Let’s see who would commit suicide first? Christian Militia mutilated corpse of Muslim minorities that they killed with machetes in Central African Republic. Let’s see how long will Africa laugh? Members of the Anti-Balaka Christian militia gathered, including children. They cut one man’s genitals off and put them in his mouth. People were filming this on their cell phones and many were laughing. When we left the scene, they said: "Keep on filming, because we’re not yet done."
REPLYING DANIEL GREENFIELD OF FRONT PAGE BLOGGED BY COUNTER JIHAD REPORT: Hijab has Nothing To Do with Modesty It prevent cheap hooker being overprized. I thought this Israeli Bitch ‘who call herself’ Robert Spencer is arrested along with the Zionists duo Pamela Geller and Daniel pipe for inspiring Anders Behring Breivik bomb government buildings in Oslo, killing eight people. He then killed 69 more people, mostly teenagers, in mass shooting at Workers’ Youth League (AUF) camp on Utøya Island.

Psst: its Muslim ain’t Mulsim. Quit Gardasil its improving your misspellings. You are literally too stooopid to insult. Richard Cranium. You’re too Jewish to be smart. You mentioned; quote: ‘The Muslim Brotherhood, founded by virulent anti-Semites, subsidized by Adolf Hitler, bla bla.’ unquote. Wow you’re really something. Call Dr. Otto Hasslein you’re pregnant. I wish you’re right then you and your ancestor’s corpses way gassed, turned to manure, chopsticks & toothpicks in either Auschwitz Dachau or Birkenau. Potus met Saddam’s Puddles Anas Altikriti & Usama al-Nujaifi. The WhiteHouse Ho Nigga thinks those dumbasses’ can stop McCain Germs Graham Bugs devastating Anbar and butchering the Iraqi Shiite which Obama’s premature ejaculation outta Iraq decivilized and turned this ungrateful beasty bluff to Iranian-Bitch-State. Go ahead and disable reblogg button. I got my own. Watch it on your reader.

REPLYING ROBERTA PENNINGTON OF THE NATIONAL: Quit toying words to grab headlines. Dumbass Bitch!
Oh no! You ain’t beat my Hush Puppies’ discovery in Jumeirah, they unearthed one million years old stainless steel cylinder of Cadillac Fleetwood Engine. If you crave for News there are better ways to grab HEADLINES than fooling fools. Try to insert “the First Amendment ‘for a change’” in UAE Constitution. Go ahead and disable reblogg button. I got my own. Watch it on your reader.

REPLYING SHARIA UNVEILED: Your IP shows that you’re hooked-up on Gardasil and Flunitrazepam. Quit both. You’re pregnant. She ain’t 19, for argue sake if she was. She doesn’t need to open her legs wide for public like Seven-Eleven. This Shiite Bitch should caned on her buttock until grows a phallus.

Now I know why Dick Cheney used to meet Qaboos clandestinely: besides dumping nukes; scrubbing Harry Truman

Smarter than ho Nigga, cheaper than a redneck and can be fired on the fly simply for chewing Ann Coulter’s Vulva backstage.
Who the helll authorized Sharad Pawar to pardon Modi on behalf of Muslims. Sharad Pawar gesticulate clear chit of Indian Kangaroo Mock Court in which law doctrine & integrity insulted and tainted justice to court-martial Mickey Mouse? Gujarat cursed twice by plague and earthquakes punishing Modi led Hindu Gundhas who ransack Muslim homes and commit Genocide against 1250 sleeping Muslim elders, children and women. They burned ‘em to death during 2002 Gujarat pogrom violent riot’ aimed at massacre and persecution of an ethnic religious group, particularly one aimed at Muslims. Deleting this comment ain’t let Modi’s crime go away.
REPLYING FRANCIS WADE TIME.COM. This crude propaganda ain’t but class war ain’t religious no mo. Since ‘Islam’ is magnet to grab headlines Rohingya Plight is center point for News Breaking. Remove the word ‘Muslim’ and Rohingya is business as usual. Outta Burma’s 155 ethnic groups. Rohingya are Burma’s the most STREETSMARTS, they master every skill & trade from cradle to grave while lazy Rakhine Buddhists burning their reeky asses learning worthless obsolete Junkscience in government schools to be Juntas nutjobs. Rakhine Buddhists survive on bribes. Rohingya lands are hydrocarbon-laden, their forests are dense and preserved and their sea shores and rivers banks are full of fish, unlike Rakhine they don’t need Junta’s support to survive; on the contrary they bribe corrupt Burmese Army and Police to stay away off their territories. Unlike Rakhine Buddhist their lands ain’t hydrocarbon-laden to steal and sell to China, their forests disappeared selling teak to Thailand, Rakhine Buddhist women desert sterile and homosexual Rakhine males to fuck Rich Rohingya or work as hookers in Bangkok Brothels, Rakhine Buddhist ain’t either skilled fishermen or farmers, they sold their seas and rivers rights to be depleted by Rich Rohingya, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Muslim Thai & Malay fishery fleets. Just ask yourself one question why Rakhine Buddhist devastates whole Rohingya village when they bust Rakhine Buddhist woman enjoying XXXL-Large Rohingya phallus? They’re simply Jealous. Rakhine Buddhists must stop fucking young boys. Quit Monsanto which turned ‘em to gays and grow larger phallus to control their horny women. It’s the same case elsewhere; ugly redneck women fucking Ho Niggas, Lonely Israeli women fucking Palestinian boys and Apartheid Fat Bitches Fucking Zulu. Once they’re busted they scream RAPE ‘kill Muslim Terrorist’ If you’re anti-knowledge, ain’t stoic to read it. Don’t bother to post it. Go ahead and ban it. I am reblogging it anyway.

REPLYING THEREARENOSUNGLASSES: Your post ain’t but a GoogledJunk poorly translated by low-end OCR from Arabic to English. It’s childish and misleading even to Anglosexual Saudi Wahabi Mountaingoat conspiracy theorists.
Ain’t quite sure who’re you dancing for? there-are-no-sunglasses! Being a Jew or Israelifirster ain’t qualifying you to issue jurisprudence.
I sense that you’re like many WIKITRASHERS overwhelmed by Saudi-Fund-Terrorism Phenomenon. Saudi Arabia clinically is a Dead Kingdom. Saudi Arabia forced to fund al-Qaida when USA was engaged in a proxy war fighting Russian in Afghanistan. Beyond that Saudi ain’t spending a penny unless it’s extorted by Obama: ‘Pay or else will get Muslim Brother democratize you and devastate the Kingdom’. If you ever think that Saudi, Israel, Iran ain’t friends then you need to shave your legs because you seriously need an undertaker. If you’re anti-knowledge, ain’t stoic to read it. Go ahead and ban it. I am reblogging it anyway.
There are over 20 million leMigra in USA. Republicans wanted ‘em to pay taxes as guest workers without giving ‘em citizenship. Democrats don’t care because they got 73% of leMigra sympathizers’ votes. Cantor and Ryan can go to hell now. Bobby Jindal is insulting himself blaming Obama for leMigra. He could end up as Dinesh D’Souza begging. He’s elected because he’s Indian, cheaper than a redneck, smarter than a Ho N✡gga and can be fired on the fly simply for chewing Ann Coulter’s Vulva in Republican National Convention backstage. USA as described accurately by John the "Teflon Don" Gotti; Gambino Crime Family Boss of New York back in 1957; when he refused to deal with the drug cartel run by FBI then, Zetas today; he said: “America is a ‘Disintegrated Country’ loyalty ain’t perceptive no mo”. Don’t worthy the worthless. . If you’re anti-knowledge, ain’t stoic to read it. Go ahead and ban it. I am reblogging it anyway.

RIP: Abdullah.
Abdullah Taryam Omran who fucked UAE early education system. He exiled the smarts to the third world and dumped the dumb to decivilize the west
It’s a ‘Hanste Zakhm’. Muslims wanted Modi to chew the microphone and say “I didn’t do it. He did it”. If Sirdarjee shot Indira Gandhi for crime she didn’t commit, Nehru did. Then the underworld will find Modi a sitting Duck. Sending Rahul to hit the street is stooopid congress strategy to prop-up Modi to pop Congress’s worst nightmare ‘AAP’ during their infancy. "I couldn’t agree with Sharad Pawar more." I mean "I totally agree with Sharad Pawar!" but he’s a gangster. Despite the fact that Dawood Ibrahim ain’t my favorite belly-dancer I trust him over Sharad Pawar in Delhi politics. January was good month for Modi campaign pollsters, first Salman khan, then Lata Mangeshkar and Marie Harf. Now we have Sharad Pawar. Modi campaign pollsters got to DUMBDOWN and let Modi talk to Muslims than provoking ‘em by his Hindu schizophrenias. My personal advice to Modi to quit using obsolete Sanskrit words to cover his Hindustani Basha handicap in his daily boring speeches. Since his English is ‘bad’ let ‘em talk either STREETSMART Hindi or shutup if he wishes to forfeit to AAP.
Modi is making India weaker and weaker every day, watch the nose diving RUPEE for instance. Sharad Pawar is bluffing when he said that India is number one rice exporter. Vietnam is. Who the helll care about cotton export? After all cotton ain’t cash crap as marijuana or supari. If you’re anti-knowledge, ain’t stoic to read it. Go ahead and ban it. I am reblogging it anyway.

As rightly described by John "Teflon Don" Gotti the Gambino crime family Boss of New York City back in 1957 when he refused to deal with the drug cartel run by FBI then, he said: “America is a ‘Disintegrated Country’ loyalty ain’t perceptive no mo”. Don’t worthy the worthless. As Bobby Jindal he’s cheaper than a redneck and smarter than Ho N✡gga. Neel Kashkari ain’t Indian he’s Kashkari pundit b✡st✡rd from Kashkar a Chinese province [now]. The conquered Indian Army Sirdarjis forfeited Kashkar to China and fled the battlefield during the Indo-Sino war in 1960. Quit m✡sturbating outta Chinese phallus. use your own. Neel Kashkari is Hank Paulson’s Toyboy, they met in Wall Street’s zombies mating ground alas Goldman Sachs. He was brought by Democrat hippies to dole $700B fiat to bankrupt bankers in 2009. Using inside trading secrets he made every congressman and senator rich across the aisle until Dennis Kucinich busted him and accused him of fraud on C-span dog and pony show. Kashkari were fired on the fly. All his subordinates got heart-attack and in coma. He was confined to psychiatric care. Three years later he was spotted by some paparazzi shagging his own dogs in the Rockies. Ain’t surprised to watch Neel Kashkari resurfaced in Laguna to run for governor. Arnold Schwarzenegger done it using Maria Shriver vulva. Why not Neel? With all those stimulus loots that he pocketed with Hank Paulson during the bailout Neel Kashkari can be the next US President. If you’re antiknowledge, ain’t stoic to read it. Go ahead and ban it. I am reblogging it anyway.
REPLYING KAFIR CRUSADERS! You’re literally too stooopid to insult. Why should Taliban ditch all those DADT of US Troops and Monsanto fed shemales fighting in Afghanistan and come after goats? There is no room for humor here, I like to take you seriously but I am afraid you’re Dewitted. Go ahead and ban it. I am reblogging it anyway.

It’s called Misogyny! SHARIA UNVEILED Menajahtwa Muthafukahuh. Come to Dubai if you wish to be shot in the head or hanged from your rectum if you beat-up a woman. Dubai prison is full of British Looosers busted hitting their own English bitches. You’re literally too stooopid to insult. Richard Cranium. The nude Jewish Iranian hooker failing Photoshop is stolen from ‘Submission’ of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Van Gogh ten-minute short film. The Bahraini dumbass mullah was boring rhetoric viral video promoted by Saudi Wahabi Mountaingoats to make Rupert Murdoch [Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal’s front man] richer. Go ahead and ban it. I am reblogging it anyway.
It’s an accident. SHARIA UNVEILED Menajahtwa Muthafukahuh! She’s ill. Escalators must be banned immediately because it is designed to kill Jews from their goatee beard and Boobs Rings. Go ahead and ban it. I am reblogging it anyway.
Google, Apple, Facebook, yahoo and eBay employees are facing hostility in Bay Area because they’re Kafkaesque predators, they’re filthy rich not because they are smart but because they’re privileged. They‘re lucky that no one gone physical yet.
I thought I was the rudest. Here’s some one who broke the record quote: ‘You Stupid A✡✡Clown JackA✡✡, Zero Demonstrates Stupidity and Utter Apathy towards POOR Americans’ SUYTS SPACE.
Charles and David Koch wasted billions on GOP & Teeebaagerzz Kochsuckers in vain. Harry Reid gesture ain’t vulgar against Koch brothers, you never know, Koch brothers also control leaning Democrats too.
Obama ain’t my favorite bouncer, I ain’t liberal hippie neither, I am who I am, a Paulite Libertarian who the Teeebaagerzz hijacked his plight and doled it to the devil. You need an undertaker if you think that Obama ain’t outfoxed Deranged Republican Preppers to wreck Bush Hell-th Insurance Cartel who brought USA to its brinks. The pharmaceutical Mafia who clinched the WhiteHouse twice for Obama invented Obamacare to lure GOP & Teeebaagerzz Kochsuckers to hit the street every time their women on menopause; While Seigniorage Bankster Robbing America at daylight. GOP & Teeebaagerzz burned $3T during the failing shutdown to rig Obamacare. They failed big time. Here’s the deal… rename Obamacare to Boehnercare and everybody will go home early. Go ahead and ban it. I am reblogging it anyway.

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